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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English: English Education Emphasis, B.A.

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Emphasis in English Education - 15 units

The English Education Emphasis gives the English major an opportunity to gain the coursework and experience necessary to pursue a teaching credential in English at the secondary level. This program is designed to substitute for the state subject examination and includes a portfolio requirement in lieu of the examination. The 6 units of electives that are required for the English BA are incorporated into this emphasis and there is no need for an additional 6 units. Annual consultation with the English Education faculty advisor In English Is required for students in this emphasis.

Students selecting this emphasis must choose Sequence C above plus 15 units from the following:

Lower Division Requirements - 12 units

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in English must have fulfilled the lower division writing requirement (at CI, ENGL 103  or ENGL 105 ). In addition, the following 12 units of literature survey courses (or the equivalent) are required in preparation for upper division studies:

Upper Division Requirements - 24 units

The upper division English core is designed to provide students with a broad background in literature, solid foundations in theory and criticism, and experience in writing to learn.

Required Sequence - 6 units

The sequence requirement allows students to explore an area of interest in more depth. Students choose one of the following sequences.

Sequence A

Plus one of the following courses:


Electives - 6 units

(Courses used to meet the major requirements above cannot be selected as electives)

Required Supporting and Other GE Courses - 72 units

Electives 18  
American Institutions Requirement 6  
General Education 48  

6 units of UDIGE can be double counted in the major
3 units must be outside the major and outside any optional emphasis.

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