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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art: Art Studio Option, B.A.

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(120 units)

Art Courses 57  
General Education Courses 48  
American Institutions Requirement Courses 6  
University Elective Courses 9  
TOTAL 120  

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art

Art majors are required to select an option of study in Art Studio or Art History.

Lower Division Art Studio Requirements - 24 units

Complete a minimum of 24 units of lower division Art courses in preparation for upper division studies.

Art History - 6 units

Lower Division Art Studio Electives - 6 units

In selecting lower division studio elective courses (100 and 200 level), students are encouraged to enroll in courses that satisfy prerequisites for upper division study in specific areas. Transfer students may substitute CSU transferable lower division studio art, graphic design and multimedia courses subject to the approval of the CI art program.

Upper Division Art Studio Requirements - 33 units

Upper Division Art Studio Courses - 21 units

Students are encouraged to pursue an integrated approach in the exploration of media and artistic processes.

Additional Studio Courses

Upon completion of prerequisites, select additional studio art courses from at least two areas of study. Assignments focus on the development of artistic concepts and theories, visual continuity and increased competency in media and applied techniques that result in the creation of individual art projects (3 unit courses require six hours activity per week, repeatable one time for additional credit).

* ART 382 - Art for Social Media , ART 383 - Scenic Design (Cross-listed as PA 383) , ART 384 - Costume Design (Cross-listed as PA 384)  are not repeatable for credit.

Advanced Artistic Problems Courses

Advanced artistic problems courses provide students with the opportunity to continue in-depth investigations working in selected media, leading to the development of sound artistic concepts and proficiency in advanced artistic processes. Continued exploration into the integration of media and technologies lead students to the development of a congruent body of work. Creation and presentation of a professional portfolio is a required component of the course work (3 unit courses require six hours studio/lab activity per week, repeatable one time for additional credit).

Upper Division Art History-Interdisciplinary Art Courses - 6 units

Upper division Art History courses focus on the History of Art and Art Theory. Interdisciplinary Art courses integrate academic study of Art with related content from other disciplines. Art majors In the Studio Art option are required to complete a minimum of 6 units of Art History-Interdisciplinary Art Courses.

Select one course from the following:

Professional Preparation Courses - 6 units

Upper division Professional Preparation courses provide students with an understanding of current issues in the arts, application of specialized studio work, field activities and service learning.

Upper Division Art Electives

Upper Division Art elective courses may fulfill up to 6 units of upper division Art Studio or Art History requirements. Portfolio review and consent of instructor required.

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