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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Technology

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This BSIT program prepares students for careers in Information Technology such as Computer Systems Integrator, Computer Systems Manager, Information Technology Designer, Information Technology Support, Database Systems Manager, Database Systems Designer, Data Communications Analyst, Network Manager, Network Designer, Web Technology Manager and Web Technology Support.

In addition to serving CSU Channel Islands (CI) freshmen, the program provides an avenue of advancement for students with associate’s degrees in a technology discipline such as networking gained at a two-year institution (e.g.: Moorpark College’s Associate in Science Degree in Computer Network Systems Engineering).

The coursework will provide a foundation in mathematics, programming, networking, databases, web systems, computer architecture and information systems. The BSIT covers the interdisciplinary ground between a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Management Information Systems, emphasizing the fastest growing segments of both: web systems, databases, and networks. This interdisciplinary program draws from both Computer Science and Management Information Systems: mathematics, science, and computer programming from Computer Science, and business organization and project management from Management Information Systems. From there it adds depth in IT Programming, Web Technology, Database Theory and Design, and Data Communications and Networking, while allowing for further depth in these or related areas such as e-Commerce, and Computer Security.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the Information Technology program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills by identifying, evaluating, analyzing and presenting fundamental software solutions and their applications;
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of current computing practices and broad technology use in industry and society, including a working knowledge of software development techniques;
  • Be cognizant of emerging new technologies and industrial practices connected to the computer industry;
  • Demonstrate communication, research and cooperation skills by working effectively with others in interdisciplinary group settings - both inside and outside the classroom; and
  • Demonstrate a sense of exploration that enables them to pursue rewarding careers in high-tech and bio-tech industries with life-learning.


Peter Smith, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science, Chair, Computer Science Program
Academic Advisor
Bell Tower West, Room 2265
(805) 437-8882

William J. Wolfe, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science
Bell Tower West, Room 2225
(805) 437-8985

Andrzej A. J. Bieszczad, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computer Science, Director of the Masters Program
Bell Tower West, Room 2285
(805) 437-2773

Contact Information



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