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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog


Appeal of Admission Decision

Section 89030.7 of the California Education Code requires that the CSU establishes specific requirements for appeal procedures for a denial of admission. Each CSU must publish appeal procedures for applicants denied admission to the University. The procedure is limited to addressing university decisions to deny an applicant admission to the University.

Admissions appeal procedures must address the basis for appeals, provide 15 business days for an applicant to submit an appeal, stipulate a maximum of one appeal per academic term, provide specific contact information for the individual or office to which the appeal should be submitted, and indicate a time estimate for when the university expects to respond to an appeal. The appeal procedures must be included in all denial of admission notifications to students, and must also be published on the university website. Follow CSUCI’s instructions and procedures for submitting a Freshman Admissions Appeal or Transfer Admissions Appeal

Application Roll-Over

The complete policy text can be found on the CSUCI website at http://policy.csuci.edu/AA/12/aa-12-001.htm.


Intent to Enroll and Orientation

The complete policy text can be found on the CSUCI website at https://policy.csuci.edu/aa/12/policy-intent-enroll-orientation-final-5-2018.pdf


Submission of Official Transcripts to CSU Channel Islands

The complete policy text can be found on the CSUCI website at http://policy.csuci.edu/AA/12/aa-12-005.htm.