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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Studies, B.A. Integrated Teaching Credential Emphasis - 130 units

Summary of Units:

Lower Division Requirements 44
Upper Division Requirements 35
Professional Preparation Requirements 36
Required Concentration Courses 9
Additional General Education  and other Graduation Requirements   6
Total Units 130

Requirements for Admission to the Integrated Elementary Teaching Credential Emphasis:

Students must be accepted into the Integrated Teaching Credential Emphasis prior to enrolling in the 400-level EDAP courses. Students may apply for admission in the first semester of their junior year after completing 60 units in the Liberal Studies, B.A. Teaching and Learning Emphasis. Admission will be granted based upon completing the following requirements. Applications and advising are available in the CI Clinical Experience and Partnerships Office.

  1. Examinations - Students must pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) prior to admission to the Integrated Teaching Credential Emphasis.
  2. Health Clearance - Evidence of a negative tuberculin test is required. The tuberculin test is valid for four years and must be valid through student teaching. The tuberculin test may be completed at a private physician’s office or the county health department.
  3. Certificate of Clearance - Students must possess a valid Certificate of Clearance as part of admission. The Certificate of Clearance is a background check and clearance conducted by the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  4. Two Letters of Recommendation - Two letters of recommendation from faculty, employers, and/or others who are knowledgeable about the student’s personal qualities and potential to work with children must be submitted with the Integrated Teaching Credential Emphasis application.
  5. Writing Sample - Writing samples are required as part of the application process. The writing sample includes a 500-600 word essay describing the applicant’s interest in teaching children with the diversity of languages and cultures represented in California schools.
  6. Interview - The Integrated Teaching Credential Emphasis admissions committee will interview candidates once all other portions of the admissions requirements are complete.

Special Grade and GPA Requirement:
A minimum grade of “C” in all major courses and a minimum GPA of 3.0 “B” are required to remain in this Emphasis.

Required Liberal Studies Concentration - 9 units

Lower-division courses may be substituted with transferable community college courses. Students should work with their Liberal Studies Faculty Advisor to identify the courses that may be used to meet concentration requirements.

Nine additional units must be taken from one of the following concentrations:

1. Bilingual Authorization Concentration - 9 units

This concentration will help prepare students for the Bilingual Authorization examination leading to bilingual certification.

All courses in this concentration must be completed with a grade of C+ or better to be counted towards a Bilingual Authorization.

Once you are in a Credential Program, you will take two additional credential-level courses, EDML 563   and EDML 564 , to obtain a waiver to take any examinations for bilingual authorization.

2. History and Social Science Concentration - 9 units

This concentration will be good preparation for anyone wanting to teach social studies.

  • Units: 3

    Complete two courses, one each from two different disciplines:

    • Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, or Sociology
    • Consider choosing an Upper Division General Education (UDGE-B) course

3. Human Development and Psychology Concentration - 9 units

This concentration will help build a strong background for working with students in the classroom.

4. Mathematics Concentration 9 units

This concentration will help build a strong background for teaching Mathematics.

Students should meet with a Mathematics Faculty Advisor to design their Mathematics Concentration. With their advice, it may be possible to complete enough courses to qualify for a Foundational Mathematics Minor  to teach middle school.

5. Reading, Language and Literature Concentration - 9 units

This concentration will help build a good background for teaching language arts.

6. Science Concentration - 9 units

This concentration will prepare future teachers to specialize in science-teaching. Students are strongly encouraged to take courses from at least two different disciplines, e.g., BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, PHYS, etc.

Complete a minimum of nine science units, with at least three units upper division. Consider choosing one Upper Division General Education Area B (UDGE-B) course.

7. Visual and Performing Arts Concentration - 9 units

This concentration will help build a strong background for teaching the arts.

Complete a minimum of nine units from visual and performing arts, e.g., ART, PA, PAMU, PATH, PADA, etc. or any GE Area C1 course - at least three of the nine units must be upper division, but consider choosing two upper division courses; one of the courses may be an Upper Division General Education Area B (UDGE-B) course.

Additional General Education and other Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students must complete 120 units minimum (40 units must be upper division), including the following General Education  (GE) and Graduation Requirements :

  • Additional lower division GE Area A-E requirements not met within the major
  • American Institutions Requirement
  • Language Requirement (C- or better grade)
  • Multicultural Perspectives (MP) Mission Pillar Requirement
  • Nine units of Upper Division General Education (UDGE) courses, one each in Areas UDGE-B, UDGE-C, and UDGE-D
  • Free electives as needed to meet minimum units for graduation