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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, B.A. English Education Option - 120 units

Summary of Units:

Lower Division Major Requirements 12
Upper Division Major Requirements 24
English Education Option Requirements 16
Additional General Education  and other Graduation Requirements   68
Total Units 120

Lower Division Requirements - 12 units

In addition to the courses below, students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in English must have fulfilled the lower division writing requirement (at CI, ENGL 103   or ENGL 105  ).

The 12 units of lower division literature courses have been designed as an introduction to diverse perspectives in the field of English that frame literary texts, structure, and relationships in different ways.

Students select a total of 12 units of lower division coursework with a minimum of 3 units in each subcategory.

Upper Division Requirements - 24 units

The upper division English core is designed to provide students with a broad background in literature, solid foundations in theory and criticism, and experience in writing to learn.

Option in English Education - 16 units

The English Education Option gives English majors an opportunity to gain the coursework and experience necessary to pursue a teaching credential in English at the secondary level. This program is designed to substitute for the state subject examination and includes a portfolio requirement in lieu of the examination. The 12 units of electives that are required for the English BA are incorporated into this option and there is no need for an additional 12 units. Annual consultation with the Faculty Advisor for English Education is required for students in this option.

Additional General Education and other Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students must complete 120 units minimum (40 units must be upper division), including the following General Education  (GE) and Graduation Requirements :

  • Additional lower division GE Area A-E requirements not met within major
  • American Institutions Requirement
  • Language Requirement (C- or better grade)
  • Multicultural Perspectives (MP) Mission Pillar Requirement
  • Nine units of Upper Division General Education (UDGE) courses, one each in Areas UDGE-B, UDGE-C, and UDGE-D
  • Free electives as needed to meet minimum units for graduation