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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog


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The Art Major focuses on interdisciplinary studies in fine art, digital art technology, graphic design and art history, emphasizing an innovative approach to artistic process, technique and problem solving through the integration of traditional media and digital technologies. Courses in studio art, art history and interdisciplinary studies focus on developing a solid artistic foundation, leading to advanced work in art media and theory. The studio art emphasis provides in-depth study in the areas of two-dimensional art, three-dimensional art, digital media art, and communication design technology. The art history emphasis provides in-depth study in the history of art and interdisciplinary topics.

The Art program is designed for students who wish to pursue:

  • A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art,
  • A Minor in Art,
  • A Certificate in Digital Media Art,
  • A Liberal Studies Concentration in Art,
  • Preparation for graduate study, and
  • Preparation for professional and academic fields in the Arts.


Students prepare for a wide range of opportunities in today’s professional and academic fields. Careers include visual arts positions in fine art, graphic design, Web design, multimedia, computer graphics, computer animation, digital photography, video art, digital filmmaking, visual effects, galleries, museums, teaching and numerous other professions in the arts.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the Art program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate methods of critical analysis through the analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of works of art;
  • Demonstrate informed understanding and appreciation of the role of art in contemporary society as well as throughout history;
  • Create and express personal ideas and opinions through artwork in response to diverse range of global events;
  • Explore the integration of traditional art techniques and materials with emerging art technologies;
  • Develop communication skills needed to articulate their conscious artistic intentions, and express coherent aesthetics;
  • Demonstrate familiarity with high-tech tools while working with emerging digital art technologies;
  • Demonstrate their preparation for professional artistic practice through the refinement of artistic concept, narrative and technique;
  • Complete in-depth work in specific media and demonstrate advanced competency in artistic production; and
  • Analyze a diverse range of career opportunities in their selected artistic discipline.


Liz King, MFA
Professor of Art
Chair of Art and Performing Arts
Madera Hall, Room 2382
(805) 437-8556

Luke Matjas, MFA
Professor of Art
Madera Hall 2406
(805) 437-2705

Irina D. Costache, Ph.D.
Professor of Art History
Madera Hall, Room 2412
(805) 437-8993

Jasmine Delgado, MFA
Associate Professor of Art
Madera Hall, 1614
(805) 437-2056

Matthew Furmanski, MFA
Professor of Art
Topanga Hall, Room 1942
(805) 437-8584

Liz King, MFA
Professor of Art
Madera Hall, Room 2382
(805) 437-8556

Alison Perchuk, Ph.D.
Professor of Art History
Madera Hall, Room 2414
(805) 437-3733

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