Dec 05, 2023  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Art, B.A. Art History - 120 units

Summary of Units:

Lower Division Major Requirements 18
Upper Division Major Requirements 30
General Education Requirements   and Graduation Requirements    72
Total Units 120

Special Grade Requirement:

All courses must be completed with a C- or better to apply toward the Art History major.

Lower Division Requirements - 18 units

The B.A. in Art History requires a minimum of eighteen (18) units of lower-division coursework.

Art Studio Foundations - 6 units

Complete two from the following:

  • Any 100-level art studio course (prefix: ART)
  • Any 200-level art studio course (prefix: ART) for which you have satisfied the prerequisites

Lower Division Electives - 3 units

Complete one from the following:

  • Any 100- or 200-level art history course not counted above (prefix: ARTH)
  • Any 100- or 200-level art studio course not counted above (prefix: ART)

Upper Division Requirements - 30 units

The B.A. in Art History requires a minimum of thirty (30) units of upper-division coursework. Twelve(12) units are provided by the required core. Fifteen (15) units satisfy the upper-division breadthrequirement; an additional three (3) units are electives in art history.

Upper Division Core - 12 units

The four courses listed below are to be taken in order, one at a time across four semesters,beginning in the Fall semester of the junior year. ARTH 300 and 400 are offered only in the Fall semester; ARTH 301 and 499 are offered only in the Spring semester.

Complete the following:

Breadth Requirement - 15 units

Complete courses from each of the following three groups as indicated, for a total offive courses (15 units):

Upper Division Elective Courses - 3 units

Complete one or more from the following for a total of 3 units:

Note: prerequisites or consent of instructor may apply to 400-level courses.

General Education and Graduation Requirements - B.A.

To graduate, students must complete 120 units minimum (21 units must be upper division), including the following General Education Requirements  (GE) and Graduation Requirements  not met within the major: