Jun 01, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art, B.A. Art Studio Emphasis - 120 units

Summary of Units:

Lower Division Major Requirements 24
Upper Division Major Requirements 33
General Education  and Graduation Requirements   63
Total Units 120

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art

Art majors are required to select an emphasis of study in Art Studio or Art History.

Lower Division Requirements - 24 units

Complete a minimum of 24 units of lower division art courses in preparation for upper division studies.

Art Studio Electives - 6 units

In selecting lower division studio elective courses (100- and 200-level), students are encouraged to enroll in courses that satisfy prerequisites for upper division study in specific areas. Transfer students may substitute CSU-transferable lower division studio art, graphic design, and multimedia courses subject to the approval of the CI art program.

Upper Division Requirements - 33 units

Students are encouraged to pursue an integrated approach in the exploration of media and artistic processes.

Intermediate Studio Courses - 6 units

In selecting upper division intermediate studio courses (300-level), students are encouraged to enroll in courses that satisfy prerequisites for upper division study in specific areas.

Advanced Studio and Advanced Artistic Problems Courses - 15 units

Students are encouraged to complete courses in one or more studio areas to gain a breadth of experience within the program. Consult the Art faculty advisor for assistance in exploring different areas within the major.

Complete five courses between Advanced Studio & Advanced Artistic Programs Courses:

Art History & Upper Division General Education (UDGE) Art Courses - 6 units

Upper division Art History courses focus on the History of Art and Art Theory. UDGE Art courses integrate academic study of Art with related content from other disciplines. Art majors in the Studio Art Emphasis are required to complete a minimum of 6 units of Art History and UDGE Art courses. Note: Not all courses fulfill a UDGE requirement.

        Complete one from the following:

Professional Preparation Courses - 6 units

Upper division Professional Preparation courses provide students with an understanding of current issues in the arts, application of specialized studio work, field activities and service learning.

Optional Upper Division Art Electives:

Upper Division Art elective courses may fulfill up to 6 units of upper division Art Studio or Art History requirements. Portfolio review and consent of instructor required.

General Education and Graduation Requirements - B.A.

To graduate, students must complete 120 units minimum (21 units must be upper division), including the following General Education Requirements  (GE) and Graduation Requirements  not met within the major: