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2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The Chemistry Department at CI is dedicated to seeing our students succeed.  We offer comprehensive bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Our students are highly engaged in class, in the laboratory, and in all aspects of university life.  Undergraduate research is at the core of our values in the chemistry department.  Students have access to modern chemical instrumentation, teaching, and research laboratory facilities.  Students start working with faculty mentors early in their careers, develop their research skills as they progress through their degree, and keep their mentors for life as a resource when they become alumni.  Our curriculum emphasizes problem solving, critical thinking, dissemination of science, and scientific literacy, as well as a rigorous course of study in the fundamental concepts of chemistry.  

Graduates from the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry will receive an excellent preparation for securing entrance to a professional program (i.e., medical, veterinary, dentistry, or pharmacy), to graduate school in Chemistry or Biochemistry, and for employment in the academic, private, or public sector as chemists, biochemists, forensic scientists, and materials scientists.

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry provides an excellent breadth and depth of preparation in Chemistry suitable for obtaining a position at a chemical industry, or for admission to graduate school in chemistry or biochemistry. Students may select either the general Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or the Biochemistry Option.  Required courses prepare students in all five of the traditional areas of chemistry: analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.  First year students majoring in chemistry should choose one of these degree options.

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry is designed to provide a broad preparation in the chemical sciences with more flexibility.  This allows for students to double major, to fulfill coursework required to prepare for Single Subject Credential in Science for teaching at the high school level, or students who become chemistry majors as juniors or seniors.

The Minor in Chemistry provides non-majors with the Chemistry background that is needed to pursue graduate study or a career in an interdisciplinary field. Students in professional programs (medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy), or majoring in Biology or Environmental Science and Resource Management, in particular, should consider obtaining a Chemistry minor, since a significant portion of the coursework needed for the Chemistry minor is included in these programs.

The Certificate in Chemistry is designed to provide individuals who have already obtained a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in another discipline with the opportunity to obtain a certificate for advanced Chemistry coursework.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the Chemistry program will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamental concepts of Chemistry;
  • Evaluate a problem and appropriately apply the fundamental concepts of Chemistry to the problem;
  • Formulate hypotheses and devise and perform experiments to test a hypothesis as individuals and in a team;
  • Explain key concepts in chemistry effectively through oral and written communication; and
  • Interpret and evaluate the chemical literature.

Contact Information



Simone Aloisio, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor of Chemistry 
Academic Advisor for the Chemistry Program
Aliso Hall, Room 207
(805) 437-8999

Ahmed M. Awad, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in Chemistry
Academic Advisor for the Chemistry Program
Aliso Hall, Room 108
(805) 437-8895

Nancy Deans, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Chemistry
Academic Advisor for the Chemistry Program
Manzanita Hall 1121
(805) 437-3239

Blake Gillespie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Academic Advisor for the Chemistry Program
Aliso Hall, Room 208
(805) 437-2796

Philip D. Hampton, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
Academic Advisor for the Chemistry Program
Aliso Hall, Room 104
(805) 437-8869


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