Sep 19, 2018  
2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Science

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Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Health Science is an interdisciplinary degree program that is designed to prepare students for professional careers in private and public health services that aim to enhance the health status of individuals and populations. The program combines the knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines to provide rigorous training in health science with course work and experiential learning in general health science, gerontology and health informatics. The program includes a set of core courses and several elective courses. Our approaches include class work, service, experiential, and online learning. Along with an option to complete a general BS in Health Science degree program, students can also choose to complete a BS in Health Science with an Option in Gerontology, or a BS in Health Science with an Option in Health Informatics. Students can also choose to complete one of the options without completing the entire Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree program. They will then receive a certificate instead of a diploma upon successful completion of the requirements for the certificate program.

Gerontology is the study of human lifespan which explores the biological, psychological, sociological, political, philosophical, medical and financial aspects of adult life. Health Informatics is an emerging specialization in the healthcare industry that joins the disciplines of information technology, communications, and health care. Together with the general health science option, they provide students with the increased knowledge and scientific advancements that contribute to a more effective health care industry, leading to a more productive and extended human lifespan.


The Health Science major will prepare students for careers in hospital administration, hospital records management, health promotion, health educator, program evaluation, health data researcher and public health, as well as graduate education in public health, medicine, sociology, psychology, healthcare administration, and public administration.

Program Learning Outcomes

Prepare students for graduate programs or professional careers in private and public health services that aim to enhance the health status of individuals and populations.

Upon completing the program, BS Health Science students will be able to:
• Identify issues and trends in health care delivery systems and public health areas and implement solutions to better health care services to individuals and ethnically and culturally diverse populations.
• Analyze the nature, transmission, pathologic processes, prevention, and control of human diseases from a public health perspective.
• Demonstrate an understanding of health care information systems that affect service delivery with agencies and in the public.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the aging population and the ability to apply knowledge and skills in gerontology in fields from disease prevention and life extension to policy planning and social reform.
• Apply research skills in organizational and personal health settings, and in health education practice.
• Integrate and apply current management concepts and skills in areas of health care personnel, organizations and agencies, emphasizing problem-solving techniques and group communication skills.


Karen Jensen, Ph.D.
Chair of Health Sciences
Professor of Nursing
(805) 437-3150

Carol H. Mack, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Health Science
Solano Hall 1167
(805) 437-2619

Contact Information:

Karen Jensen, Ph.D.
Professor of Nursing and Chair of Health Sciences
(805) 437-3150




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