Aug 20, 2018  
2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication, B.A. Environmental Communication Emphasis - 120 units

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Summary of Units:

Lower Division Major Requirements 12
Upper Division Major Requirements 33
Additional General Education  and other Graduation Requirements   75
Total Units 120

According to the GE requirements, students must take 9 units from those interdisciplinary courses numbered 330-349 and 430-449. Six of the 9 units can be double counted and three of the 9 units must be outside the major and not cross listed with the COMM prefix.

Upper Division Requirements - 33 units

Emphasis Requirements - 12 units

Special Grade Requirements

* Students must receive a “C-” or better in Communication courses in order to have them count towards their major.

Additional General Education and other Graduation Requirements - 75 units

To graduate, students must complete 120 units minimum (40 units must be upper division) including all General Education  (GE) and Graduation Requirements  .  The following areas must be included:

  • Additional Lower Division A-E (GE) Requirements not met within the major
  • Nine units of Upper Division Upper Division Interdisciplinary GE (UDIGE), courses are numbered 330-349 and 430-449. Six units may be within the major, 3 units must be outside the major (C or better grade)
  • Multicultural Requirement (C or better grade)
  • Language Requirement (C or better grade)
  • American Institutions Requirement
  • Free electives as needed to meet minimum units for graduation



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